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Strong in trading, that is Attema Trading B.V.! With more than 40 years of experience in the machine industry, many used machines can be found through Attema Trading B.V. a great second or third destination. In Friesland, the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond.

Our range is diverse and very variable, but mainly consists of construction-related machines (elevated platforms, forklifts, earthmoving), vans and trucks/trailers and garden/park machines (golf carts). Is your machine not listed? Please feel free to contact us. We have a broad network and are happy to show you the best trade routes.

Export documents

We help you arrange export documents.


We can help you inspect your internal transport equipment.

Spraying machines in company colors

We can deliver your machine in the color you want.


Wij helpen u met regelen van transport en (export)documenten.


We can help you with the repair of your vehicle(s).


We would like to hear from you

Do you have any questions or can we help you with anything? Contact us by sending an email or WhatsApp message, or call us on the telephone number below. We are ready to help you!

+31 (0)5 15 745 003

+31 6 14 539 505 (Thom)